The following people have contributed photos, movies or information for the page.  Their help is greatly appreciated.

Ernie Barker, XO, 1963-1965

Jerry Bauman, LT(jg) 1961-1964  (OPS)

Tom Clarke, RD2, 1959-1962, Plankowner

Joe Gubitosi, RMC, 1959-1963, Plankowner

Victor Heath, RM3, 1960-1961

Edgar M. Jarrell, RD2, 1960-1963

Albert W. Jentzsch, LT(jg), 1960-1963

Archie McFadden, MMC, 1960-1963

Harry Miller, SFM3, USS PROTECTOR (AGR-11) & YAGR Association

Dave Morgan, ETR2, 1962-1965

Walter Petzold, LT(jg), 1959, Plankowner

Ron Proctor, MM2, 1962-1965

Mel Rohaus, RM3, 1962

George Scott, RD2, 1960-1963

Paul Shaffer, ETN2, 1961 - 1962

Ron Shrawder, SN, 1959-1961 (Plankowner

Bob Stamps, LT, 1959-1960 (Plankowner)

Fritz Stern, LT(jg), 1960-1962 (Deck)

Gerry Stolz, ETN2, 1962-1963

Mrs. John S. Tuttle, 1960-1962

Perry Vargas, FN, 1961-1962

Tom Wiggin, BT3, 1959-1960 (Plankowner)

Clarence Yearly, IC3, 1959-1960, (Plankowner)